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A little about me

I guess you can say I have always been a tad artistic. Growing up I loved drawing and colouring and creating little cartoon characters.  I took visual arts all through highschool and discovered I loved painting. Over the years, I dabbled with card making and even made wedding invitations!
My journey then continued to painted wood signs as gifts. But it was when I saw other signs makers create awesome works of art by cutting their designs using a scroll saw and I knew I had to have one…even though I had no experience with power tools.
The rest is history! Well not…I am learning a new skill every day and with every piece I create I gain more confidence in my abilities. I am loving building this business and look forward to what is ahead…I see more power tools in my future.

I have the most amazingly supportive husband who encourages me to keep going when things seem hard and the two best little cheerleaders, my daughters, who ooohhh and ahhhh at everything I make.

And of course all of you who follow me, purchase signs from me and recommend my business to others.

I am sooo grateful for you! Thank you!

Lisa Evans - Owner & Scroll Saw Artist

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